Gem County

Gem County Services

Our center in Gem County is located in Emmett and has the following services:

Emergency Services
Income Management
Family Development

A special project that means a lot to the area is our school supplies program. Any family that is need of school supplies for the children should contact our center. We have the lists from the local schools as to what the teachers want the students to bring to school. We purchase supplies with donations we receive and have them available for students to pick up. The schools generally have supplies on hand, but parents need to ask for help. We contact local school counselors to rind if we can refer parents that need this assistance.

We get donations from local businesses and sometimes we have gift certificates to give to students so that they can go to the store and pick our their own supplies.

Another project that has been very successful for the Emmett area is the Project Water Share, which was developed by the Ministerial Association. It is a program that assists the low-income elderly participants with their water bills. Donations are received from local individuals and made available to people in need upon request. WICAP staff will help with a voucher, given to income-eligible participants, who, in turn take the voucher to the local board that distributes the funds.