Payette County

Payette County Services

The center in Payette serves the entire Payette County area and has the following services available:

Emergency Services
Income Management
Family Development

One of the special projects in Payette County is the Payette Ministerial Association fund that comes from the group as fundraisers to help with the local needs for our participants. The funds can be used for fuel, overnight shelter, car repairs, and other crisis situations that families are faced with. During the week, people can access the funds through our center office, however, on the weekends, the Sheriff’s office has vouchers available to help with shelter and fuel.

We are also fortunate to have some alumni of the Payette High School donating funds each year from fundraiser that they have to help with extra projects and needs that families have. The funds can be requested for special needs during the holidays, utility issues, and some rental assistance when evictions are given.

Payette also has available funds and/or donations of school supplies that are available to the local students who may need help in getting supplies for school.

Salvation Army has been very faithful in donations from the holiday kettles in our area. These funds can be used to supplement other emergency needs funds.

Community Garden

In 2009, a garden was started in the vicinity of the Payette Head Start School. There was a vacant lot that was hard to maintain so the Community Garden was begun. It was the intent to have it available to anyone in the community that wanted to help with a garden that would benefit the low-income of the area. The garden called Share the Harvest is managed by the staff of the Payette County Center with volunteers to help with the maintenance. To sign up as a volunteer, please go to the Payette County Center. A portion of produce that is harvested is sold through a local Farmer’s Market. These funds are used to purchase materials, seeds, and plants for the garden for the following year. The goal of WICAP is to have the garden be completely self-sufficient and used by the community.