Valley County

The center in Cascade serves the entire Valley County area and has the following services available:

Emergency Services
Income Management
Family Development

Care to Share is a Valley County recycling program, which benefits households of all income brackets. Participants that have a specific need (generally furniture or appliances, but any other items may qualify) can come into the Center and ask for help. The staff then contacts a person in the community that may have the item asked for. A connection is made in order for the participant to receive the item.

The chimney sweep service is given by Valley County Commissioners with the support of the WICAP staff. By partnering with a local chimney sweep and utilizing County funds we are able to provide service to customers who may not be able to afford regular chimney cleaning. Annually, in the summer months, wood-burning customers may request assistance with this service at our local center.

The Valley County Handyman Program is a part-time year-round program funded by Valley County Commissioners. This program is funding by the Valley County Commissioners and is used to help seniors and disabled people remain in their own homes. WICAP staff makes referrals to the county for eligible participants. The top priorities of this program are snow removal and wood. Other chores the Handyman may perform include yard work, dump runs, delivery of commodities and/or salvage foods, transportation, household repairs, trash removal, painting, moving heavy objects, window and wall washing, and other miscellaneous household chores.