There is a Board of Directors in place to govern the activities of the programs WICAP administers. It is a tri-partite board compiled of three sectors: Public, Low-Income, and Private. This is a federal mandate that is included in the Community Service Block Grant Act.

One-third of the total governing board and County Committees must be from the low—income sector and selected by democratic process, by the low-income. All must be residents of the area. The election process used must assure maximum possible involvement of low-income individuals as a group. If another group of organized low-income petition to be represented on the Board under the low-income sector, that group plus the group voting under these regulations, will be considered by the Board. In accordance with the WICAP By-Laws, the term of office is two years with a two-term limit.

One-third of total governing board and County Advisory Committees shall be from the public sector. All representatives must be from area they represent. If local elected official is not available, the local governmental body may select an appointed public official to serve. Either one shall have either general governmental responsibilities or responsibilities which require them to deal with poverty-related issues.

One-third of the total governing board and County Committees must be from the private sector which includes representative from business, industry, labor, religious (not individual church), welfare, education, minority groups or organizations in the community. They are approved by the Board of Directors from letters of recommendation from the individual groups listed.

Board Members

Adams County
Mike Paradis
Elee Coulter

Boise County
Robin Green

Canyon County
Tom Dale Tami Reyes

Gem County
Mark Rekow
Laure Hershman
Allen Thompson


Payette County
Georgia Hanigan
Cris Warzyn Reece Hrizuk

Valley County