Information, Referrals and Advocacy

We are on your side! We want to help you with issues regarding home purchases, foreclosure prevention, landlord/tenant issues, rental availability and more by:

  • Filling out forms

  • Searching for the best resources

  • Making phone and written contacts 

Financial Assistance & Homeless Prevention

Temporary financial assistance for southwestern Idaho households may be available to assist with rent, transportation, lodging and other needs necessary to prevent homelessness.

Emergency Needs

WICAP is able to assist you with emergency services such as:

  • Transportation

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Household items

  • Clothing

  • Overnight shelter

  • Disaster relief

  • Food assistance

  • Intervention in emergencies resulting from child, spouse, alcohol or drug abuse

  • Heating assistance

  • Referrals to existing community programs, including legal assistance, medical and dental services, and cash support

Community Action Food Bank

  • WICAP operates food banks in each of our seven (7) counties.

  • Emergency foods are available upon request

  • The Temporary Food Assistance Program commodities are distributed on a quarterly basis.

  • Partnering with local organizations for Holiday baskets.


We offer assistance to customers regarding employment, such as job preparation, placement and development (activities to assist low-income people to secure and maintain meaningful employment). This includes: information about employment and job training services; referral to employment; assistance with job hunting skills; job placement and skills training. As part of this process we are able to train those who need job experience by working in our offices.


We assist low-income customers in obtaining more education. This includes: primary, secondary, and adult basic education. We also give information about education opportunities and referral to educational services, as well as helping with applications for educational grants. We also partner with Head Start to get children enrolled in programs to ensure school readiness. We receive donations of school supplies that we have available to low-income customers.

Money Management

WICAP has trained staff available to help families manage their money in a positive way. This includes information budgeting techniques, referrals to agencies that provide financial management classes, and counseling regarding personal credit issues. We also have information on energy conservation and general consumer education. In the winter months there is a Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program that helps with a one- time benefit for heating costs.


WICAP does not operate a Weatherization Program. Canyon County Organization on Aging operates a Weatherization Program for residents of Adams, Boise, Canyon, Gem, Payette, Valley and Washington Counties. They can be reached at 208-459-0065.

If you are looking for services in your particular area please see our Office Locations page to connect to your local WICAP office.