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What is Project launch?

Project LAUNCH is a SAMHSA discretionary grant program designed to promote the wellness of young children by addressing the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of their development.

We are committed to the early identification of developmental and behavioral concerns in children from birth to age eight years old.

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Project LAUNCH employs Resiliency Advocates who engage in educating caregivers on evidence-based strategies to support improved outcomes for young children and their families. Resiliency Advocates join with families and community partners to identify children’s unmet needs, then develop individualized planning that guides families’ access to resources as well as providing direct services to families and enhanced home visits.

  • Screening and assessment in a variety of child-serving settings

  • Family strengthening and parent skills training

  • Mental health consultation in early care and education programs

  • Enhanced home visiting through increased focus on social and emotional well-being

  • Integration of behavioral health into primary care settings. Innovative and effective prevention/promotion practices at the local level serve as models to be sustained and replicated throughout the state, and territory.


Increase the number of ASQ-3, ASQ-SE, and speech and language screening completed by early childhood serving agencies along with additional research-based depression, substance abuse, and mental health screenings appropriate to the individual to assist in the early identification and resulting intervention of developmental concerns.


In collaboration with stakeholders and participants, select and implement an evidence-based parenting program that fits the target population communities’ needs and work toward increased fidelity. Provide ongoing training to early childhood educators and Family/Peer support in the selected Evidence-Based Practice.

Increase individual counseling services for children, parents, and caregivers by working towards an embedded model and providing Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support consultation and support to early childhood educators and children.

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Establish a work-group consisting of primary and mental health care professionals, stakeholders, and Project LAUNCH staff to increase collaboration and uncover barriers, needs, and discuss pathways to solutions.

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